Real experiences, meaningful learning

In the nursery we believe that giving children real experiences supports meaningful learning. This sparks their interest and willingness to try new things, practice new skills and perfect those that are developing. This week we have been using our real tools in the garden to perfect our wood working skills. Before we start the children are given a safety talk on how to use them safely and we model keeping fingers out of harms way. As children are so eager to have a try you would be surprised how intently they listen and attend and guess what, only 1 plaster needed all day!

We also built some houses for the bugs we found in the garden, smelt the herbs in our herb garden and celebrated red nose day. The children came up with wonderful ideas of ways they could help children who did not have clean water, food or other essentials. Some thought we could send them some of our lunch and others thought we could share our toys with them. We all agreed that we should not waste the things we do have such as resources and water and it made us all appreciate these things. 

If you are unsure of the time of your parent consultation next week please check the sign up charts in the classroom or speak to any member of staff. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

Hickory Dickory Dock


One of the nursery rhymes we have been enjoying this week is Hickory dickory dock. This was a great chance to explore time and make some watches of our own.

We also had a try at colour mixing. First we made colour charts which showed the tonal effect of adding white to red. We noticed red turned pink when we added white and then that it became lighter as we added more.

Next we tried mixing two different colours together and found this made a new colour. We had fun predicting what colour red and yellow or yellow and blue would make. What colour do you think we made by mixing red and blue?

The weather encouraged us to explore all the changes that had happened in our beautiful garden. We noticed the daffodils had bloomed and there were buds on the trees. We raced cars down the hill and practiced our balancing skills on the balance beams.

Our letter of the week has been ‘N’ and next week it is ‘I’.

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who are ensuring their children are  regularly bringing in and changing their children’s book bags. This is having a huge impact on the children’s interest and enjoyment of books.






Nursery rhymes

As well as reading some of our favourite nursery rhymes this week, we have also been enjoying stories containing rhyme in their text. We have also played games making silly rhymes of our own.

Do you like our large Humpty Dumptly? We used papier mache to make his body and gave him bouncy legs. We even sat him on a wall.

Developing fine motor skill were supported with the cutting and threading needed to make our Incey Wincey spiders. We used the bats and balls outside to pracitce hand eye co-ordination and large mark making with brushes in the garden made lovely patterns in the puddles and strengthened our grips for writing.

We enjoyed exploring all the things we could think of begining with this weeks letter ‘T’. We all practiced writing it and some of us noticed it in the environment. Next weeks letter is ‘P’

If you have not yet signed up for a parent carer consultation, please come in and do so. They take place in the last week of term (before the Easter break) and end on the last day Friday 31st. Please check with your key worker for when they are seeing their parents.

We are all looking forward to sharing your children’s learning journeys with you, setting new targets for the summer term and having a chance to discuss any concerns you may have.

World book week


In the nursery we have very much enjoyed world book week. It gave us lots opportunities to share and read books.

We drew some of our favourite characters from stories, made our home-corner into a busy bookshop and made masks, costumes and props to act out stories.

As our featured author was Julia Donaldson we read lots of her books. We all agreed she was a very good author it inspired us to write stories of our own. In a class vote our favourite Julia Donaldson story was the Gruffalo. The highway rat was also very popular. We hope you all put your world book day vouchers to good use and have a wonderful weekend sharing your books.

Our letter of the week next week will be the letter ‘T’ See how many things you can find that begin with that letter at the weekend to practice.





In our class survey of children’s favourite topics to learn about, most children voted to learn about dinosaurs. The second most popular topic was space. As we covered dinosaurs before the half term we have started this term with space using the story ‘whatever next’ as our story of the week.

The space stations in the home-corner and garden have been very popular and encouraged lots of fantastic imaginative play, there has been wonderful collaborative work between groups of children to make some super rockets from junk materials. We also use various materials to test those that were waterproof and those which were not as in the story baby bear uses a colander as a hat and gets wet in the rain.

Our letter of the week has been ‘S’ and it would be great if you could play I spy on the way to nursery encouraging children to say all the things they see beginning with that letter. Our letter of the week nest week will be ‘A’.

Next Thursday 2nd of March is World book day and we will be reading lots of stories by the author Julia Donaldson. Do you have a favourite?

Our eggs hatched!


We have had a wonderful two weeks exploring dinosaurs. After finding our dinosaur eggs in the garden we decided to design some dinosaur’s of our own. We also found some dinosaur footprints and used our shoes to compare sizes. it took 15 pairs of our shoes to match the size of the footprint! We were very interested in having a look at some snake eggs , they were very delicate so we handled them carefully.

The volcano we made was an excellent place for dinosaurs to play and on Wednesday it erupted! If you visit the class we will be displaying some of the lovely paintings and models we have made so please have a look.

We hope everyone enjoys the half term next week and look forward to seeing you all on Monday 20th February. (The centre is still open for those of our children  who attend all year round )

Oh dear!

Oh dear!

On opening the children’s Centre this morning we found some very strange objects in the garden. On closer inspection we realised they were eggs, but what kind of creature would have eggs of that size? We have taken one egg each into our four key groups and we will take care of them. What do you think will appear when they hatch? If you come into the centre why don’t you come and have a look.


Chinese New Year


This week we have been looking at been exploring all things Chinese. This weekend sees the start of the Chinese New Year and it has been wonderful to Listen to Chinese music, watch Chinese dancing and take part in all our Chinese inspired creative activites. We made dancing dragons, lanterns and drums.

Did you know that this year is the year of the rooster? The rooster is one of the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac and after reading the story of the Chinese New Year we practiced lining up and saying naming our place in the line 1st to 12th. We may need to practice this, maybe when we are getting dressed “First I put on my socks, 2nd my shoes, 3rd my coat”.



We have had a great fun during science week looking at and exploring bubbles.

We blew bubbles in the garden and noticed they had lots of colours in them. We made colourful bubble paintings of our own and as our story was ‘Big Red Bath’ we experimented with things that floated and sunk on our little bath. We drew the animals from the story in the order they went into the bath focusing on ordinal numbers.

Our experiments with bubbles involved mixing washing up liquid with some water in cups. In some of the cups we added some salt. we noticed that the mixture with washing up liquid alone made lots of amazing bubbles. The mixture we added salt to didn’t. We guessed that this was because the salt was “rough” “bumpy” and “hard, so it popped the bubbles”

Why do you think the salt inhibited the bubbles? A clue is : think of the sea

We are going to make a bubble display with our paintings, have a look when you are next in the centre.


Our story this week has been one our favourites, stickman.

It has been especially exciting as we have used real tools to cut and saw wood to make our own stickmen, ladies and babies. A finger gym with twigs and pipe cleaners helped us practice wrapping the pipe cleaners into limbs.

We also made some cheese straws that looked a bit like stickman but tasted yummy. Following on from last weeks investigation of ice which formed in the trays in our garden, we froze some of our own. It was amazing to see the cups and containers we has filled with water and put into the freezer emerge as glittering blocks of ice!

We look forward to seeing you all at our sing along on Wednesday and also hope you  pop into the Winter fair at the main school on Thursday the 15th. The fair is organised by The friends of Clapham manor. They are parents who raise funds for the school and nursery. It is always a lovely event and helps support us greatly, I’m sure they are always eager for new members!