Physical development

Apologise for the recent lack of pictures on our blog page. The last few weeks have been extremely busy at the centre with data and report writing but here is a catch up on all we have been doing.

In preparation for reception we have focused on physical development and health and self- care. practicing putting on and taking off our jumpers, shoes and coats so we can do this independently in school. We also looked at self- care  skills such as washing hands and brushing teeth. Look at the huge set of teeth we had to brush!

We have used the outdoor area in all sorts of ways to develop our physical skills. We practiced climbing and balancing skills, the trees were great to fun to climb!

As the weather got hotter we looked at how to be safe in the sun. Making dens was a great way to find some shade.

Physical development also includes fine motor development. It may look like we were just shooting ducks with our water pistols, but the action of squeezing the trigger strengthens the muscles in our hands we need to control mark making equipment.

All the vegetables and herbs in our garden have flourished under the supervision of our eager gardeners.

Safe use of tools and equipment was reviewed when we used the tap tap boards, hammers and nails to create some fantastic shape patterns.

Some dates for the diary:

Reports for children going to reception in  September will be given out on the 7th of July.

Parent consultations to discuss these will be on Mon 17th/Tuesday 18th/Wednesday 19th of July. There are sign up lists for each group available in the class. Remember to sign up quickly to ensure a time that is convenient for you and that these appointments  are only for children going to reception. consultations for the other groups will take place at a later date.

The last day of term is Friday the 21st and we would like to invite all parents and carers to join us on that afternoon for a ‘Teddy bears picnic’. It will be from 2:00-3:15. It will give staff and children a chance to chat and say goodbye before the summer break. if you would like to bring a food contribution, a blanket and a teddy we are sure it will be a lovely send off for the children.

Can we take this opportunity to thank all parents and carers for all their support over this last year and we look forward to seeing you all at the picnic.







money and maths

As our story last week was The Tiger who came to tea, we opened a café and shop in our class. This gave us a fun way to explore money. It was very tricky learning the value of all the different coins but we used real money in our play to support this. We counted how many items we had in our baskets and we added pennies to purses recording how much in each after counting to check.

Why not have a try when you go shopping?

You could count the items in your basket as you add them or as they go into the bag? Having a look at the money you use to pay would also be an excellent way to introduce any coinage we haven’t looked at such as the new pound coins or notes.

We carried on exploring maths problems such as 1 more and 1 less during snack and we even began to add small groups of numbers together using unifix. Once we had worked out our sum we practiced number formation by recording the answer.

In the garden we transplanted our growing peas and beans into tubs to give them more room to grow, keep having a look at their progress they are amazingly!





The Tiger who came to tea


As the Tiger who came to tea is one of our favourite stories we enjoyed all our tiger themed activities. Some of us had our faces painted with lovely strips to make us look like real tigers, others made great stripy masks. The story also inspired us to do lots of writing including: invitations to tea, speech bubbles of what the tiger said and lists of things we would like to have for tea.

In our home corner and in the outside house we held tiger tea parties and made sure we counted the right number of cups and plates we needed for all our guests.

The beans and peas we planted are flourishing and nearly ready to be planted in the growing patch, please have a look at their progress if you are in the playground.

Can we take this opportunity to thank all our parents and cares who arrive at the setting on time. A prompt start is very important for many reasons but especially because if children are late they miss their group circle times where they are introduced to the days activities and topic. This helps the children get the very best from the focus activities and sets them up for a good day. If children are late we are now asking parents to wait in the reception area until the circle times have ended. This is to ensure the least disruption to the children who have already started their day. We hope this will encourage everyone to strive to get to nursery on time and once again thank you to all of those who do this, it makes a huge difference to your child’s learning experience.





Our story this week has been titch and as his brother and sister have kites in the story we thought we would make some of our own. Luckily we have had lots of windy days to fly them. We have also been using our outdoor area to get lots of exercise. we have been racing, riding bikes and using our beams to practice our balancing skills. As our beans and peas are doing so well we have drawn plants and labelled their parts, such as the petals, stem and roots.

To practice our name writing in a fun way we have been making name puzzles. We have enjoyed practicing the correct order the letters, then we had a try writing them.

The Very Hungry Caterpillar


We have had a busy week in the nursery caring for things . We have cared for our caterpillars, who grow bigger every day. We have tended our new herb and flower garden and enjoy touching and smelling the herbs, we have been making sure our peas and beans have enough water too. As we have been reading ‘The very hungry caterpillar’ we made some pictures showing their lifecycle using pasta to represent the ‘egg’, ‘caterpillar’. ‘cocoon’ and the ‘butterfly’. We used the play- dough to represent them too, rolling a ball for the egg , squashing and rolling it flatter and longer to make a tiny caterpillar.

In the garden we chopped vegetables that we thought the caterpillar might like to eat and had great fun with our bug hunts. 

During snack time we counted our fruit practicing 1 more and 1 less and discussed healthy eating choices.

If you are in the centre please come and have a look at our herbs in our herb garden, you are welcome to smell them and tell us your favourite!




Jack and the beanstalk


Welcome back to nursery we hope you all had a wonderful Easter break. We would like to thank all the parents and carers who attended our parent consultations during the last week before the break, it was lovely to be able to share your children’s learning journey’s and discuss their progress.

Our first topic story of the term was Jack and the beanstalk and we used it to promote living and growing. We made a great beanstalk to decorate our new growing patch, planted beans, peas and cress and used magnifying glasses to investigate bulbs and seeds.

Linked to growing and being healthy, we used lots of colourful fruit to make delicious fruit smoothies. We also ran races in the garden and noticed the effect exercise had on our bodies.

On Friday we had a very special delivery, our caterpillars arrived! They are in classroom two so please have a look at them and watch their progress. How long do you think it will take for them to become butterflies?

We do not have a letter of the week this week but are re-capping those we have already looked at which are:  s, a, t, p, I, n.





Real experiences, meaningful learning

In the nursery we believe that giving children real experiences supports meaningful learning. This sparks their interest and willingness to try new things, practice new skills and perfect those that are developing. This week we have been using our real tools in the garden to perfect our wood working skills. Before we start the children are given a safety talk on how to use them safely and we model keeping fingers out of harms way. As children are so eager to have a try you would be surprised how intently they listen and attend and guess what, only 1 plaster needed all day!

We also built some houses for the bugs we found in the garden, smelt the herbs in our herb garden and celebrated red nose day. The children came up with wonderful ideas of ways they could help children who did not have clean water, food or other essentials. Some thought we could send them some of our lunch and others thought we could share our toys with them. We all agreed that we should not waste the things we do have such as resources and water and it made us all appreciate these things. 

If you are unsure of the time of your parent consultation next week please check the sign up charts in the classroom or speak to any member of staff. We are looking forward to seeing as many of you as possible. 

Hickory Dickory Dock


One of the nursery rhymes we have been enjoying this week is Hickory dickory dock. This was a great chance to explore time and make some watches of our own.

We also had a try at colour mixing. First we made colour charts which showed the tonal effect of adding white to red. We noticed red turned pink when we added white and then that it became lighter as we added more.

Next we tried mixing two different colours together and found this made a new colour. We had fun predicting what colour red and yellow or yellow and blue would make. What colour do you think we made by mixing red and blue?

The weather encouraged us to explore all the changes that had happened in our beautiful garden. We noticed the daffodils had bloomed and there were buds on the trees. We raced cars down the hill and practiced our balancing skills on the balance beams.

Our letter of the week has been ‘N’ and next week it is ‘I’.

A huge thank you to all the parents and carers who are ensuring their children are  regularly bringing in and changing their children’s book bags. This is having a huge impact on the children’s interest and enjoyment of books.






Nursery rhymes

As well as reading some of our favourite nursery rhymes this week, we have also been enjoying stories containing rhyme in their text. We have also played games making silly rhymes of our own.

Do you like our large Humpty Dumptly? We used papier mache to make his body and gave him bouncy legs. We even sat him on a wall.

Developing fine motor skill were supported with the cutting and threading needed to make our Incey Wincey spiders. We used the bats and balls outside to pracitce hand eye co-ordination and large mark making with brushes in the garden made lovely patterns in the puddles and strengthened our grips for writing.

We enjoyed exploring all the things we could think of begining with this weeks letter ‘T’. We all practiced writing it and some of us noticed it in the environment. Next weeks letter is ‘P’

If you have not yet signed up for a parent carer consultation, please come in and do so. They take place in the last week of term (before the Easter break) and end on the last day Friday 31st. Please check with your key worker for when they are seeing their parents.

We are all looking forward to sharing your children’s learning journeys with you, setting new targets for the summer term and having a chance to discuss any concerns you may have.

World book week


In the nursery we have very much enjoyed world book week. It gave us lots opportunities to share and read books.

We drew some of our favourite characters from stories, made our home-corner into a busy bookshop and made masks, costumes and props to act out stories.

As our featured author was Julia Donaldson we read lots of her books. We all agreed she was a very good author it inspired us to write stories of our own. In a class vote our favourite Julia Donaldson story was the Gruffalo. The highway rat was also very popular. We hope you all put your world book day vouchers to good use and have a wonderful weekend sharing your books.

Our letter of the week next week will be the letter ‘T’ See how many things you can find that begin with that letter at the weekend to practice.